I recently shared a story on Facebook about how my daughter gave me a much needed reminder about the importance of truly connecting with family.

As we sat down for our breakfast, I reached for my laptop to write a quick email when she abruptly smacked my leg and sternly shouted “No!! Come sit!” I was shocked. But after a couple of seconds I realised what she wanted was to share the moment with me with no distractions. She wanted quality time.

We live in a world that demands more and more of our time. Busyness, distractions, social media and technology all compete for our attention. It’s no wonder relationships suffer because of this constant barrage. Yet there are many studies that show that we’re more disconnected than ever in our technologically ‘connected’ world. Loneliness is a real problem for many people.

Isolation and distraction are not God’s will for you and if you are feeling alone, I have good news. God “sets the lonely in families”by inviting you into the “body of Christ”b, which is made up of many local churches and congregations. A Bible-believing, spirit-filled local church, even with all its human flaws, literally is the embodiment of God on earth. It is a spiritual family where you can receive teaching, serve God and love others. There are no loners in God’s house. It’s a place where you can form real relationships regardless of your past, your mistakes and your faults.

God is ready to welcome you in with open arms when you ask him to let you into his family.  If you already call a local church your home, what are you doing to reach out and connect with the spiritually homeless?

God also makes it very clear that he wants you to know him. He will sometimes unexpectedly shake up your life to get your attention. If you listen, you’ll undoubtedly hear his still small voice saying “Hey, I’m here. Let’s talk.” That’s because quality time with him is most readily found not only in relationship with other believers but in times of stillness and silence with him.

The whole point of quality time is that it encourages intimacy. Intimacy that is nurtured over time creates trust. Trust then becomes the foundation on which your healthiest and strongest relationships are built, including your relationship with God.

When was the last time he beckoned to you with a ‘No. Come sit.’ moment? How can you foster greater intimacy with others and God?

Psalm 68:6, 1 Corinthians 12:27

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